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NeeeW merchandise from à;GRUMH… now available online!


YES, no less than SEVEN new à;GRUMH… t-sHIRT designs are now available online! And not “any” t-shirts but real official merchandising designed by the legendary LiO from the old T-mERCHANDISING! The new logos have been created by LiO with the collaboration of SΔ3 and JΔ3.

There will be additions of nEGAPADRES.3.3., Polar Praxis and more TTKK or Circle Records artists very soon.

Check out the new shop here …

Be hàPPY, wear New FàSHION!

J3 and J55 to release side project as hà;PEOPLE.3.55.

In December 2016, à;GRUMH… performed as headline of the BIMFEST festival in Sint-Niklaas. J3 and S3 came to the stage for a full concert for the first time since 1989 (back in 2014 they had done a “performance” for the Hotel Charleroi art festival at the Coliseum theater in Charleroi but that was just a short happening, not a real concert).

For this 2016 concert, S3 had invited Joke Magnussen to join the band on stage, and J55 eKOJ was born. Following this concert and having had lots of fun in the reharsals, J3 and J55 have started making music together and their new project is called hà;PEOPLE.3.55.

It is made of industrial dark electronic music. They have a Facebook page and a SoundCloud account.

You can also find tracks of hà;PEOPLE.3.55. on YouTube and other platforms.

One album is scheduled to be released this year on a belgian label. More news through their Facebook page.

à;GRUMH… featured in a series of comic books

I received today a series of six comic book zines by Tomas Z Westberg a.k.a. TΔ25 sAMOT (also known as the manager of the à;GRUMH… Swedish fan club in the late 1980’s).

Tomas is a talented visual artist. These books are a sort of autobiography from his young years and his discovery of Electronic Body Music known in Sweden at the beginnings as “Synth”. The books mention and/or show bands as Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, Skinny Puppy, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk and of course à;GRUMH…!

The books also give you a list of tracks to listen to as you read each volume. 😊👍🏼

It also depicts his relationships with his friends, the conflicts with his parents about the way he dressed or the music he listens to and thus, gives us a particular insight in the Swedish society of the late eighties. It’s human and interesting and also fun to read.

The books, which are all bilingual (English/Swedish), can be ordered from

Congratulations to Tomas for a job well done!! 👍🏼👏🏼

Edit: the bilingual zines are now sold out and replaced with a shiny new comic book that collects all the comics (in Swedish).

Two sets of à;GRUMH… photos plus memorabilia text by S3 in “Au Plan K” book by Philippe Carly.

Philippe CARLY was one of the most influencial and important ROCK photographer of Belgium. From the 70’s to now, he has travelled all over Europe to capture the best iconic rock artists on picture and has a massive photo archive that he has put online on his website

One of the most important period that Philippe Carly has made photos of, was the 1977-1985 mythical decade including punk and new-wave movements, and also including the carreer of one of the most important bands of all times : Joy Division.

After a first book released a few years ago “New Wave Photos”, Philippe Carly has decided to release AuPlanKa master-piece book based on the pictures he made at the legendary “PLAN K” music venue that existed in Brussels for less than ten years, in an old factory, and where most of the important bands of that period have played. The book was lauched through a crowdfunding campaign which ended succesfully and allowed the book to be printed and released in january 2017. It’s a huge book, classy photo paper, big size.


It’s amazing. There are pictures of each and every gig that Philippe Carly saw at the Plan K. The quality of the pictures and the printing are of very first class. The book contains also testimonies and memories of people and musicians who frequented the venue, and one was written by S3 eVETS who talks about his memoirs of the legendary concerts in the PLAN K and his feeling about this exceptional place.

Also two of the à;GRUMH… concerts who took place at the Plan K are displayed in the book, pictures of the 1983 and 84 concerts given by à;GRUMH… in this mythical palace of modern music, which helped build à;GRUMH…’s live reputation years before we had released any record! 17 01 Carly expo

An exhibition of pictures from the book has taken place at Play It Again Sam!’s building in Brussels in January 2017, including one picture of S3 (thin and with hair, hurgh!) banging drums at the 1983 gig. We are very proud of this participation to the book and of our presence at the exhibit.

You can find info on how/where to buy this book at :

à;GRUMH… : A major success as headline on BIMFEST 2016

On December 17th 2016, à;GRUMH… appeared LIVE in the BIMFEST festival, one of he most important EBM festivals in Europe. The bill included bands such as A Split Second, Dive (Dirk Iven’s solo project), Signal Août’42 and Suicide Commando.

As a world exclusive reunion show, à;GRUMH… headlined day two.

SΔ3 eVETS entered stage first wearing a full body length black coat, his huge planet-like body almost naked under it, shortly followed by new member JΔ55 eKOJ and of course JΔ3 sEUQCAJ. Pig heads, metal barrels, beear, beans, a virgin mary statue, blood, crucifix, a “game of thrones” lookalike throne, videos, and more were part of this hours and a half show that included some of the band’s best tracks as well as ambiant industrial improvisations or covers. Special guest Jean-Marc Lederman (The Weathermen, Kid Montana) joined the band for “Drama in the Subway” and the second encore.

This was a one-off chance to see à;GRUMH… live and no other concerts or tour are planned, no new releases. The concert was filmed in video as well as the before as an “off video” and we will inform you where and when it will be viewable. Check the à;GRUMH… facebook page and group or the @agrumh33 twitter account for more info.













Also check Philippe Carly’s official site for upcoming photo uploads:

Here is the track list :

à;GRUMH… Final Cut or Uncut – 17/12/16

Ayatollah Jackson

Danger Zone



Sucking Energy (a very long one indeed – ekoJ remix)

Transe ov Extrophy

Drama in the Subway


New Fashion (edit)

Penser et Agir


1st Encore:

Caterpillar (new eKOJ remix)



2nd Encore:

Der Mussolini


3rd encore:

PURATOS (full indus Mortsugel mix)

à;GRUMH… one of the headliners of BIMFEST 2016

Those who were at this year’s edition of BIM already know the news, but for those who were not (make sure you’ll do next year) Bodybeats already could announce one of the headliners of next year: à;GRUMH…

Yes, you read that right: the legendary EBM indus collective from Charleroi whose debut album (Mix Yourself) was produced by Daniel B. of Front 242.

à;GRUMH… split up at the beginning of the 90’s, only to resurface once in a while in the new millenium. After years of categorically saying no to a live gig SΔ3 finally said yes to one exclusive gig with the original members.

This will be a unique “one of a kind” performance from à;GRUMH… in the official line-up of the 1986–1988 tours, JΔ3 on vocals, SΔ3 on guitar, keyboards, voices, featuring Joke MàGnussen on guitar and special guests. The concert will reflect the EBM side of à;GRUMH… as well as the ambient/industrial side, and will contain at least one unreleased track. The band plans on using videos and lots of visual “stuff” on stage. Clearly a not G-Rated show!

More info TBA.


New Wave Photos coffee table book

Our friend Philippe Carly, aka CRAZY LOBSTER, who designed all the covers of the à;GRUMH… records, also a renowned rock photographer who has immortalized on picture practically every artist from 1977 to now, is releasing his first picture book (see description below), including one à;GRUMH… photo. Order the book now and mention the code AGR2015 to get it signed by the artist and a special signed note from à;GRUMH…!


New Wave Photos is a beautiful 12″x12″ book, with black linen hard cover and a dust jacket. 64 pages (pearl semi gloss extra heavy 190 gsm paper for superb rendering of the photographs).

It features 61 hand picked photos (1 color, 60 B&W), covering 38 years of Philippe Carlys music photography, live, posed and candids.

It is the perfect gift for the discerning alternative music connoisseur.

More info and ordering here…

Featured bands: à;GRUMH…, Acidez, Agent Side Grinder, Altered Images, An Orange Car, Crashed…, Barb Wire Dolls, Bauhaus, Blondie, Buzzcocks, James Chance, the Cure, the Durutti Column, Echo & the Bunnymen, Eyeless in Gaza, Fad Gadget, Front 242, Nina Hagen, Peter Hook & the Light, the Human League, the Jam, Richard Jobson, Joy Division, Killing Joke, KMFDM, Jo Lemaire + Flouze, the Lords of the New Church, Lene Lovich, Modern English, Pauline Murray & the Invisible Girls, the Neon Judgement, New Order, Nico, Gary Numan, Iggy Pop, the Psychedelic Furs, Psychic TV, Punish Yourself, the Ramones, Blaine L. Reininger, Rhythm of Life, Queen, Siouxsie & the Banshees, the Sisters of Mercy, the Slits, Soldout, Sonic Youth, Soft Cell, S.P.K., the Stanglers, U2, Alan Vega, the Virgin Prunes, Wasted Youth, Xmal Deutschland, Young Marble Giants… and a couple of surprises.


A late report from the 2014 à;GRUMH… performance @ the Hotel Charleroi art festival


On November 14th, 2014, à;GRUMH… has performed in Charleroi during the art festival Hotel Charleroi. You can find tons of photos from the event in this gallery on our Facebook page.


The band appeared on a stage improvised at the top of the entrance stairs of the Coliseum theater, surrounded by red walls, on red carpet with esoteric paintings on the walls. A movie by JCSΔ47 was projected on the ceiling. Strange animal heads, made of skinned sheep heads with pig ears nailed to them, were displayed and have been used with hands, faces and tongues on them. The music was loud. First song, GANJA set an ambiance of surprise, calm and respect. The audience spread amongst the stairs, downstairs, through the open doors and in the rainy street, was captivated. JΔ3 sEUQCAJ fronted the show, backed by PΔ3 lACSAP dressed in a white overall and mask, and SΔ3 eVETS wearing a long black cachemire coat, shaved head, sitting on a kind of throne. Guest musician Joke Magnussen played guitar with us for most of the show.



Audience featured BΔ40 oNURB who drove all the way from Switzerland, Stefan Schwanke from Ironflame records who flew from Berlin and Minà Yamada who came especially from Sapporo, Japan, to attend the show. At the mixing desk, Dirk Ivens from The Klinik and Peter from Bimfest were mixing and recording. Johanna Tinzl, the austrian artist, shot the whole show with her camera whilst Sophy Thun and Laurent Lenclud were making photos all though the show, before and after. Many musician friends were present, among whom Fransix and Micheline from SIC, DanHiel from TrackZoid, Pliphon Nipiège from Glädztock and of course Hilaire Belleau.


Track list included mostly songs from the Rebearth album, full live version of Unclean, an unreleased track called Bertha, as well as EBM favorites Caterpillar, Penser & Agir and as encore, Edito. Echoes from the show indicate a full success, both from the people and the professionnals. From “very good” to “genius” and terms like “magical” came out which warmed the heart of the very old members of the band (SΔ3 eVETS is currently 67 years old).

The complete video of the concert might be released as a DVD. The recording of the live show could also be released, either on its own, or along with a live show from the WWW Tour 89/90, or more.


The band does not plan any more reunions for the next 13 years.

Hotel Charleroi

We’re closing this report with a backstage performance featuring Joke Magnussen: