The lost C.B.B. music video

Have you ever seen an OFFICIAL à;GRUMH… music video!? No? It’s normal. We only made one and we’ve been hiding it ever since 1989 since it came out SO bad. But now we’re old, so what the fuck? It’s more funny than lame now. So ENJOY and share. Let’s make this famously bad! 🤣🤣 Don’t miss the end credits.

The à;GRUMH… special #PIAS40 Mini-LP is ready for your pre-orders!

The à;GRUMH… special #PIAS40 Mini-LP is ready for your pre-orders!!
The sound quality is AMAZING 🌟🌟🌟 We have never heard our music better!!!

Release date is April 28th and you should pre-order it with a RECORD SHOP!!!  Or online, yes. PIAS wants it to be bought at record shops, local dealers. Place a pre-order to them for the « PIAS 40 à;GRUMH… »  EP. The reference is BIAS4006

Note : you can’t buy it from us, we don’t sell our records. We will also refuse to receive your copy and resend it signed. It’s too risky to send vinyls over the post and we can’t get it and then go queue at the post office to ship it etc. Just enjoy the sound and sign the inner sleeve in gold or silver or white marker yourself by writing « Grumh Grumh LOVE » and your name on it, make a photo of that and send it here! We will publish them all. It will be better and each will become unique. Let’s call this the Worldwide T-Circle signature performance 🌟

à;GRUMH… mentioned in a new comic book

à;GRUMH… logo on a jacket, of one of the characters in one of the pages of the new comic book « Le Ferry » by Xavier Beteaucourt and Thierry Bouüaert.

Many bands of the early 80’s era are mentionned here and there. In that last page, the names on the side of the bar are famous Belgian punk and post-punk/new wave period such as Mad Virgins, X-Pulsion, etc.

Some of these bands featured some old musician friends including the late Micky Mike (from Snowy Red who was à;GRUMH…’s sound engineer from 1987 to 1990) and the sadly also late Jerry WX who played with us from 1988 to 1991.

The book is in french, set in the Brussels and London punk scene, and the book is published on Editions Delcourt / Mirage.

More information (including a playlist of music mentioned in the book) …

Official à;GRUMH… video to be revealed soon

Video teaser

Breaking News! An official à;GRUMH… video will be revealed later this year.

It was made in 1990 in the middle of the WWWTour and shot in London. The song is █████████████████ (surprise) and the video has never been released because it’s really █████ (another surprise)!

Release planned around the time of the #PIAS40 EP release!

Wait and see!

PIAS 40th anniversary album release

An early mockup of the album cover.

Play it again, Sam! just informed us of the forthcoming release of a series of vinyl EP’s to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the label and recording company. This series of EP’s will feature all the iconic PIAS artists and one will be a 6 tracks EP of à;GRUMH… ! More news in the coming months!

Synth-kids! A new comic book featuring à;GRUMH…

My old friend Tomas Z Westberg a.k.a. TΔ25 has drawn several comic books telling the story of his teen years in 80’s Sweden and his love for EBM and general electronic music including à;GRUMH… whom he became later manager of the Swedish fan club and webmaster.

His books are now regrouped in one big edition translated in English and available for pre-order. It’s a great immersion in the life of young kids in that society four decades ago.

Check it out!

Sunday live chat with à;GRUMH… + cEvin Key

Sunday live chat with à;GRUMH... + cEvin Key

On Sunday, we will be going back on the old days of à;GRUMH…’s European tours concerts from 1986 and 1988 along with Canadian EBM superstars SKINNY PUPPY!!

On the initiative of Skinny Puppy’s leader and hEAD gURU cEvin Key, we will have a chat via zOOM about the band’s old days, what the music scene was back then, what we did after etc etc. It will be a conversation with JΔ3, SΔ3 and cEVIN, together with music, pictures, sounds, maybe farts and probably weird faces and several organ live laceration (human, mostly JΔ3’s and no other animal sacrifice whatsoever). There might even be laughter, sarcasm, French and English, naked bellies, beards, stuffed cats, wine and of course loud insults in Japanese.

HOW TO WATCH? Several ways. You can join cEvin Key’s Patreon on the link that follows, but later this week or latest Sunday, a live YouTube link will be published too. Don’t miss it. A one time event!! 🇨🇦💝🇧🇪


cEvin Key Patreon
Sunday Live Chat with à;GRUMH…! A Chud Convention reunion @ YouTube