5 thoughts on ““We were à;GRUMH… and you were not!”, new compilation album available today

  1. T25

    JR, on my copy, track 17 is distorted. Since it’s a live recording I was under the belief that it was included that way intentionally to sound “rough” – but it’s actually impossible to listen to…

  2. JR

    Got my copy from Infacted Recordings, and from the end of track 14 right through to the end of track 17 there is an audible static sound that completely distorts the music.

    I complained and they sent me another disc, and the same distortion on the same tracks were still present.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    To date, Infacted has done such a god job with their Classix series, and it is most unfortunate that they messed up on this noteworthy re-release.

  3. T25

    Just got my copy in the mail. Nice collection. And the oldest songs sound a lot better when not ripped from my old vinyl records 🙂

  4. S3

    One mistake on the CD : track 09 is listed as “Sucking Energy” on the cover but on the CD the song played in nr 9 is “HITOY”.

    For the anecdote, HITOY is a joike on “Hits for Toys”, “toys” referring to stupid people.
    It was a funny sang in walloon which was made originally to make fun of new beat bands (just like “ich und meine ananas” was made to make fun of Laibach). Some of the lyrics say : “Admeuré astimpè è né achis, pou’n’né spotchi lè coupiches” which means “stay stand up and not sitting, so that you don’t crush the ants”. Major message.

  5. S3

    1. Danger Zone
    2. C.B.B. (14%)i
    3. Drama In The Subway
    4. Ha People
    5. Penser Et Agir – Est-Ce Un Crime?
    6. New Fashion (Edit)
    7. Edito
    8. Kill
    9. Sucking Energy
    10. Bucaresse
    11. Chilly (Willy And His Aerodynamic Kit) Bag (Thunderstorm Wate
    12. In The Garden
    13. M.D.A
    14. Hammam
    15. Yesterday
    16. Ayatollah Jackson
    17. Danger Zone [Live]


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