The new nEGAPADRES.3.3. album praised by critics

“Exstrophy of Amphigouris” has received excellent reviews in most industrial/alternative press organs. The ratings are always the maximum and contain all kinds of superlatives, to the point that the band members themselves are blushing a bit (but not too much). In Aural Pressure, the following review was printed:

Their music is a slow burner. One that requires time to become acquainted with. …/… By track three ‘Seegooyull’ they are going places and using sounds in a totally original and perplexing way that defies convention. And so it goes on. Track four ‘Absinthe a la Guinguette de I’Espadon’ even sounding like the evil sister piece to ‘What a day’ by Throbbing Gristle. There’s far more to unearth but I’ll leave that for you to discover yourself. When I tell you they utilise the sounds of Concorde warming up, Tasmanian Devil nuptial parades, Cicadas, Water, dog howling amongst others and add in a variety of samples culled from varying sources then you’ll suss that “Exstrophy of Amphigouris” is no run of the mill release. What at first appears to be a very cold and sterile mess of a release becomes, over time with repeated plays, an adventurous journey into the absurd. That’s a compliment by the way. For nEGAPADRES.3.3. tease and cajole the listener into a musical realm which they’ve never before become acclimatised to. They challenge convention and come out grinning the other side. …/… “Exstrophy of Amphigouris” is the musical equivalent of the ‘Da Vinci Code’. A massive puzzle requiring patience to get the best from it. …/…

It’s the same thing for the n.3.3. track on Hermetiques’ compilation “A reassuring voiuce on television”, where the n.3.3. track is reviewed as the most surprising and accomplished song on the cd. Extract from the review from Jean-Henri Maisonneuve in Keyboard magazine:

“…/… Mais le vrai choc de la compilation, c’est le titre de nEGAPADRES.3.3., des ex à;GRUMH (combo belge EBM des mid 80’s), remix de leur nouvel opus incroyable « Exstrophy Of Amphigouris ». Idéal pour la torture mentale des néophytes, « Transelow » apporte une jouissance intense aux oreilles averties avec son répétitif lancinant redoutable. Roger Karmanik, boss de Cold Meat Industry, recommande chaudement cette sélection de très grande tenue. Comme lui, succombons sans limites aux charmes vénéneux de ces atmosphères si délicieusement angoissantes! “.

And in his review of the album, the magazine GONZO CIRCUS didn’t hesitate to print:

“…/… Maybe already at the half of 2006, can we speak about the comeback of the year” !

We couldn’t agree more. With humility, of course.

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