New à;GRUMH… single released

Ironflame has released a live single of à;GRUMH… containing the live versions of DISCIPLINE (TG) and UNCLEAN (PTV), both recorded during the 1990 US leg of the WWWTour 89/90. This vinyl single is a limited edition of 333 copies, 111 in black vinyle, 111 in camouflage white vinyl and 111 in clear blue vinyl. All singles contain collector numbered and signed inserts, plus are protected by several plastic and cardboard covers. There is a surprise “DAFIAN” extra track on side B, but you must lift the needle manually to put it in the second track. Don’t tell anyone. It’s a secret. The covers are a perfect imitation of the original covers of the “Unclean” 12″ by Psychic TV and of the “Discipline” single by Throbbing Gristle (famous cancellers of events). Click HERE for details and orders. Note: since many people already asked us, we do NOT sell this single. You must order it at Ironflame and they take Paypal or bank payments. Email: – Thank you.

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