The à;GRUMH… special #PIAS40 Mini-LP is ready for your pre-orders!

The à;GRUMH… special #PIAS40 Mini-LP is ready for your pre-orders!!
The sound quality is AMAZING 🌟🌟🌟 We have never heard our music better!!!

Release date is April 28th and you should pre-order it with a RECORD SHOP!!!  Or online, yes. PIAS wants it to be bought at record shops, local dealers. Place a pre-order to them for the « PIAS 40 à;GRUMH… »  EP. The reference is BIAS4006

Note : you can’t buy it from us, we don’t sell our records. We will also refuse to receive your copy and resend it signed. It’s too risky to send vinyls over the post and we can’t get it and then go queue at the post office to ship it etc. Just enjoy the sound and sign the inner sleeve in gold or silver or white marker yourself by writing « Grumh Grumh LOVE » and your name on it, make a photo of that and send it here! We will publish them all. It will be better and each will become unique. Let’s call this the Worldwide T-Circle signature performance 🌟

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