Very Rare track NOW re-released on belgian “EBM ETC” compilation !

The song “S-B” we had composed for the cassette-tape-issued compilation “Mad in Belgium” (1986) is now re-relased on the news compilation from Dirk Ivens’ label.


CLOSE CIRCUIT CONNECTION – Various Belgian electro / wave artists

Unreleased and rare tracks from the 80ties compiled by Dirk Ivens

MINIMAL MAXIMAL MM004LP – Releasedate 1st of Sept

Ltd edition 520 numbered copies – No re-press !

Orders and wholesale at

INSEKT – ‘Subway89’ (Unreleased 1989)

PARADE GROUND – ‘Entertain Me’ (Demo 1984)

à;GRUMH… – ‘S-B’ (Mad In Belgium Tape 4 – 1986)

VITA NOCTIS – ‘My Favorite Waste Of Time’ (Unreleased 1985)

SUICIDE COMMANDO – ‘Batman’s Crime’ (Unreleased 1986)

A SPLIT-SECOND – ‘Hunger V2’ (Demo 1985)

THE KLINIK – ‘Belfast’ (Evergreens 2 – Central Tapes 004 – 1984)

THE ARCH – ‘Do It On Friday’ (Unreleased 1985)

LUC VAN ACKER – ‘When The Good Turns To Bad’ (Unreleased 1985)

LIQUID G. – ‘Regression’ (Unreleased 1989)

THE NEON JUDGEMENT – ‘Sweet Revenge’ (Recorded live @ Arnoz, 1982)

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