Message from Sweden, part II

We recently received this message. It is a tradition for à;GRUMH… to publish the messages we receive from this person from SWEDEN. So here we go.

From: “David Lxxxxg”
Subject: Well à;GRUMH… now your nightmare is back!
Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2005 23:22:40 +0100
Hi J3 !
At last I discovered you guys at the internet !
You may wonder “who’s this now ?”
Well this is the guy that bought his first à;GRUMH… LP 18 years ago and also had to buy the 1989 years CD “a hard knight’s day” to discover MY MESSAGE recorded at your release… Well that was fun, and as I look back I can not do else than… LAUGH ! Of course I did and still like your music, even though I’m NOT that fanatic to ride the concerts !
I thought you guys died by ADIDAS…hrm, AIDS or just split. It seems like I was wrong ! Anyway, I will NOOOT bother you guys in futuretime, just say “no no no Hello-low-low-low”… And à;GRUMH… will have a more successfull new year of 2005 !!! ÅÄÖ…?
From the one and only ÐaviÐ Ð. (at “message from Sweden”), but 15 years older now, than at that time ! still I’m musically genre independent ! You don’t have to reply this mail, if you don’t want to !

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