April to December

S3 and J3 sEUQCAJ met several times either to go to restaurants (S3’s favourite choice of activity) or to work in the studio to make new songs (J3’s favourite choice of activity). They recorded and produced several tracks, for example “Obstinacle”, “Absinthe à la Guinguette de l’Espadon” and “Litz Day Kursk”, and many other mixes.

S3 started to work on a home page for à;GRUMH…, nEGAPADRES.3.3. and the Circle Records and TTKK products. Archives were digged, and the first draft of the home page was put online at the end of the year. Many reactions from fans and old and new friends started to flood by email. J3 got online right at that time, saving S3 lots of work in replying that mail. 🙂

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