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S3 & S3

S3 recently shot a movie for belgian director TOON AERTS.

The movie is a short feature called PERFECT DRUG and involves lots of crazy sequences, one of these featuring the beheading of S3 and his body being controlled by a crazy junkie played by the excellent MICHA DOWNEY, an actor, dancer and performer, originally from England, but living in Brussels.

More info about the movie on Facebook…

Here are some photos from the shooting, done in Gent and Antwerpen on 8th and 9th of April 2011.

The movie will now go in post-production, with lots of editing, CGI and work, so release is scheduled for sometime in 2012.

à;GRUMH… to release a compilation on INFACTED records !

Hi guys

This is S3 posting (finally) something on the site. Yes, miracles happen.  🙂

As J3 and me are excited to see our new nEGAPADRES.3.3. album coming out this november on Hermetique (title : LA PHOBIE DU CHEVAL), we are also excited to announce the forthcoming release of an à;GRUMH… compilation on the famous and quasi-cult INFACTED RECORDS.

“We were à;GRUMH… and you were not !”  (tentative design in photo) will feature 12 to 15 tracks from our albums, plus 2 to 3 LIVE tracks from the 1990 USA TOUR (part of the “It’s a WWW Tour 89-90”). Release date is not yet announced.

Other news include the re-release of POLAR PRAXIS albums plus tracks from the TTKK tapes on ONDESTROOM records, plus probably parallel release on DARK ENTRIES, as well as other TTKK tracks. More news coming soon.

Cheers !


New web site + contest

Welcome to the all-new web site for à;GRUMH…, nEGAPADRES.3.3. and related projects! Today we’re launching the news section, the gallery and the shop. More sections and content will be added soon.

To celebrate, our friends at Ironflame will be giving away a free copy of the 2004 à;GRUMH… vinyl single “Unclean/Discipline/Der Mussolini” (limited edition 333 copies!) to the person who sends in the rarest, oldest or most obscure piece of industrial period à;GRUMH… history (audio, video or picture). Please send your contribution to The winner will be announced here on our web site, and all contributions may be posted on the web site.

Futuristic Manga Guitars from John Ellis

John Ellis has sent us a guitar track for THREE songs from the forthcoming album “BINCHE”. The tracks are qualified of “Futuristic Manga Guitars” by the british artist himself. We are of course extremely proud of this contribution from such an important artist. You can find out more about John Ellis here and here.

No nEGAPADRES.3.3. release on Tourette records

After disagreeing on virtually everything from promotion, release style and distribution, and clearly not being able to communicate within the parameters of known logic, nEGAPADRES.3.3. has decided not to release “LA PHOBIE DU CHEVAL” on Tourette records. This new album, which is totally finished, will be released on another label, so far undefined.

nEGAPADRES.3.3 to collaborate with John Ellis

Back in the 80’s, through his previous work as a journalist and rock critic, S3 has met hundreds of famous musicians and artists. Among those, there are some with whom he has kept in touch in a “pen pal” way (friendship is a big word). Recently, he has exchanged some mail with JOHN ELLIS, a guitarist and extremely creative musician, having worked with THE VIBRATORS, PETER HAMMIL, PETER GABRIEL and THE STRANGLERS. After getting back in touch with him, and exchanging links about each other’s musical releases, John Ellis has expressed the wish to play on one track of the next nEGAPADRES.3.3. album “Binche”. This is course was a news that made us jump in the air. That someone as creative as John would take interest in our music brought nothing but pride and amazement. Further more the sole idea that nEGAPADRES.3.3 would “share” a musician with Peter Gabriel and Peter Hammil is a fantastic gift. Tracks will be exchanged across the English Channel within the month of June, for final mixes due for July or August, and a fall release.