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à;GRUMH… will perform in Charleroi


à;GRUMH… will perform in Charleroi on November 14th 2014 during the art festival Hotel Charleroi.

This will be the ONLY reunion of the three original à;GRUMH… members, PΔ3 lACSAP, JΔ3 sEUQCAJ and SΔ3 eVETS. They will perform tracks from the REBEARTH album, and nEGAPADRES.3.3. tracks, as well as an à;GRUMH… unreleased song.

So be aware, this will NOT be the “EBM” à;GRUMH… but mostly the very original and essential INDUSTRIAL à;GRUMH… but there might be some EBM favourites at the end…

No tickets needed, this is a free art festival and the performance will be in free access, outside, in the ruins of the “VILLE BASSE” currently in rebuilding mode.

The à;GRUMH… 2014 pERFORMàNCE will take place on the stairs of the COLISEUM theater, Rue de Marchienne in 6000 Charleroi. Time is not set yet, but it will probably be 9pm.

There will be fire, noise and sound. Be there.

Check back for details or follow us on FaceBook.

The shame of the european union

Sadly, our song from 25+ years ago is more relevant than ever.

Remember, for dole or inflation, racism is not a solution.

When we wrote this song 26 years ago, the National Front in France had scored 14% in France and we thought it was necessary to say this. Now the National Front scored 26% at the European elections in France (with also an abstention rate of 62% of the people who didn’t go vote – irresponsible idiots) but still…. It is sending Europe a horrible signal, it is confirming other racist or nationalist party’s in their ways, and encouraging rejection and racism all over the continent. Of course all immigrants are not good, many ARE deliquants, undeducated, and don’t seek integration in any ways. But a true majority of immigrants DO seek integration and to live among us in peace and in respect of ur laws and uses, thus making our lives ritcher on economical, cultural and social levels. Expression is a way of fighting, so WE SING.

Quand j’ai écrit cette chanson, en 1988, le Front National avait fait 14% en France. 26 ans plus tard, les voilà faire 25% aux élections européennes. Certes avec un taux d’abstention de 62% (d’irresponsables idiots) mais cela envoie quand même une énorme majorité de députés BRUNS au Parlement Européen. Cette montée apparente du FN encourage tous les autres partis nationalistes et/ou néo-Racistes et/ou pires à travers l’Europe, le repli sur soi-même et le rejet des autres. Sans faire d’angélisme, parce qu’il y a des immigrés délinquants, des profiteurs et des parasites, il faut aussi considérer et applaudir la partie, souvent majoritaire, des populations immigrées qui se sont intégrées à notre mode de vie et nos pays, respectent nos lois et enrichissent notre vie économique, culturelle et sociale. Malheureusement, dans l’immigration comme dans les icebergs, la partie immergée se voit moins. Contre les extrémisme, WE SING.


SΔ3 eVETS to participate to Arts Festival “Hotel Charleroi”

Hotel Charleroi is a cluster of artists gathered around three artists and which hosts and promotes other artists from all over the word, and based in Charleroi, Belgium. They organize an arts festival with performances and exhibitions every year from the end of august to the beginning of september.

This year, the festival is around the town of Marchienne, “the” industrial subburbs of Charleroi, which inspired à;GRUMH… and where all the shots of the cover of “Mix Yourself!” were made. It is just logical that SΔ3 eVETS was invited to participate to the event. SΔ3 eVETS has worked together with austrian artist Johanna TInzl on a speech turned info performance turned into video, that will be broadcasted as a loop from various locations in Marchienne thourough the whole festival.

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