J3 performing in Paris in May 2005, plus recording plans

On May 6th, 2005, J3 sEUQCAJ will perform with T-Circle member JCS47 nAEJ eHPOTSIRHC (from DSO – Drahomira Song Orchestra and possibly B17 tIONEB (formerly Metastatic Carcinoma, now Cobra’§ Egg) in Paris. The performance will be by “Theee Rebearh Corporation v.3.47” and the location is “Le Point Ephémère”. The festival is called “Week End Sous Tempsion” and info can be found here. Music for this performance will be prepared by S3, J3 and B17, but S3 will not appear on stage. Drahomira Song Orchestra will also appear as itself the next day. JCS47 nAEJ eHPOTSIRHC is cureently experiencing the first stages of “Crotte au Cul”, following J3’s nomenklatura in his book “The several moods before going on stage”, not published on TTKK editions in 1986.

J3 has also started working with Benoît Blanchart from “The Forces of the Sony Electronical Dog” (Aiboforcen) on several tracks and has contacts & plans with important industrial artists (including some from Himalayan countries) for studio and stage projects.

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