Theee Rebearth Corporation v.3.47 concert acclaimed

On May 6th, 2005, J3 sEUQCAJ and T-Circle member JCS47 nAEJ eHPOTSIRHC have performed as “Theee Rebearh Corporation v.3.47” in Paris. The set was 45 minutes long, based on former n.3.3./à;GRUMH… tracks, as well as extracts from Polar Praxis (S3’s solo project) 1982 release “Gory Oscillation” and original recordings made by S3, J3 and JCS47 for the event. Mixes on stage, image projections, J3’s uncontrollable shakes and screaming & litanies, as well as JCS47’s amazing ritual chimpanzeeic movements, made this event absolutely unique and acclaimed by both the hypnotized audience, press and music world moguls. The performance was videotaped and will be released as a special DVD thru our shop.

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