à;GRUMH… reunited

S3 eVETS wrote a letter to J3 sEUQCAJ for the third time in 10 years. For the first time, J3 answered. S3 called J3 on the phone and they talked for three hours “like it was yesterday”. A week later, a great dinner at J3’s house reunited longtime friends and former à;GRUMH… members P4 lACSAP and P3 lACSAP along with J3, S3 and C6 nAITSIRHC, S3’s husband. We got to know Alwine sEUQCAJ, Shane sEUQCAJ and Gwenn sEUQCAJ, J3’s kids. Soupin sEUQCAJ, wife of J3, made a very good chili 🙂

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